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We'd love to hear from you, and we want to answer any questions you may have about our facility and our services. However, we want to clarify a few things - for your safety and security.

  • Existing patients should use our private online portal to submit any questions relating to treatment or to upload files related to their treatment(s). This is a general form that submits to a customer service queue.

  • If you are submitting photos or information to request pricing information, please note that this is difficult to do. Our team will try their best, but we recommend booking a consult, first . However, please note that this is not a HIPAA compliant form - while the information is encrypted and sent through a secure system, it is processed by a general inbox that is accessible by our staff.

  • If you are contacting us to make, modify, or cancel an appointment - we strongly encourage you to utilize the online booking system. Items sent through this form may take up to 24 hours to process, and may be subject to delays.

  • This contact form is not intended to provide access to a healthcare professional or intended to assist in the treatment or diagnosis of any issues, conditions, or problems. Please call 911 if you think you're experiencing an urgent or emergency medical issue. Otherwise, please call us and ask for priority assistance if you are a patient experiencing any issues that are not life-threatening.

  • NO VENDOR OR BUSINESS SOLICITATION - This form will auto-filter any suspected vendor or business solicitation requests. Please contact us via phone and request to speak to the office manager to better direct your questions.

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